This photo session was so much fun! When I first met Katherine and John, they said to me that they don't want posed photos. And I said to them what I say to every couple, I don't do posing as such! I will tell you what to do and where to do, but how you do it and how you interpret it, is completely up to you! But one thing that I can guarantee is that it will be fun! And when Katherine saw these pictures, she wrote back to me saying that they had so much fun and it shows in the photos! And I completely agree! My job is to make you relaxed and comfortable, because, if you are not, it shows in the images.
We started our session walking through Glen Maye, which provided us with some lovely autumn foliage, to the beach at the end of the glen. This beach is one of my favourite ones on the Isle of Man! It's covered in unusually shaped rocks that jut out of the earth in swirls and patterns. By this point, the wind had picked up a bit. While we were sheltered from the wind walking through the glen, we were not protected from it, when we got to the beach!
The sun was setting lower, but we had one more special place to get to, before it went down completely. And that was a beach further down the road, that John proposed to Katherine on. We got there just as the sun set on fire. The light was incredible! But so was the wind! It had gone very cold and windy by that time we got here! Katherine and John braved the cold without their coats on, and my instructions here were pretty much just "keep each other warm-er". But it was incredible! One of my most favourite shoots ever!
As most of my couples do, at the beginning of the photo shoot, Katherine and John said to me "oh, we are very awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera" and ended it with a sparkle in their eyes and a big grin on their faces exclaiming "this was so much fun!" And that is why I do what I do!

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