An image of an elopement in Isle of Man
Cheshire couple’s elopement in the Isle of Man

Cheshire is one of my most favourite places on Earth. But despite spending a lot of time there, I still feel like I haven’t seen any of it yet. Mainly because every time I go there, I spend time with my family, who are scattered around the area, from Bunbury to Nantwitch and as far as Cheadle in Staffordshire (yes, it’s a county next to Cheshire). So when Louise and Ross wanted to do their pre-wedding session in Marbury Country Park near their home in Northwich, I was more than happy to oblidge, as it was a new place for me! And it didn’t disappoint! They took me on their favourite walk and we spent time chatting, enjoying the scenery and, of course, taking photographs. After a walk in Marbury Country Park, we also took a walk along a picturesque canal nearby. I will never tire of enjoying Cheshire’s canals, they are truly special.
There is something magical about photographing in Cheshire. The majestic oak trees, grand parks, cute little villages with their brick buildings, imposing manor houses and castles and lovely canals. Every time I am in Cheshire, I discover something new. It would take many years to see it all. But I enjoy every minute I spend here.

When I asked Louise and Ross why did they choose the Isle of Man for their wedding, they said they had discussed other places, but in the end settled for the island because Louise visited it 10 years ago with her dad for the TT and they loved it! The first time Ross saw it, however, was when they came over for a day to sort their license out. It takes a leap of faith and an adventurous spirit to book the most important day in your life in a place you don’t know! And it was one of the things that made me excited about meeting them! They had brought with them just their kids and parents, which made for a very small intimate and relaxed ceremony. They asked me to find a leafy forest location nearby Douglas Registry Office for their photos. We settled on Groudle Glen. It’s close to Douglas and is a beautiful glen – one of many on the island. When we got there, they immediately said that this place was perfect and exactly what they had in mind!

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