Jamie proposed to Maria on their holiday in Tenerife. Whilst his original plan was to pop the question at a nice restaurant they had dinner at, it just didn’t feel “them” when they got there. So instead he did it a little bit later walking on a beach back to the hotel. And it was perfect for them! It is so important for the proposal and the wedding to feel right for you. You only get to do it once (hopefully)! So make it the best you can for you, not your parents or your friends!

Their wedding will be on the Isle of Man, but since they live in London, we decided to do their pre-wedding shoot on London’s South Bank. It was a late November day and I met them straight after dropping my bags off at the airport hotel at Blackfriars Bridge. From where we took a walk along the South Bank and ended up at one of the lovely outdoor cafés for a mulled cider and beer. We enjoyed the night views of London across Themes as well as the Christmas lights that already lit up many places around. All in all , a perfect evening!

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