Are you looking for a Finland wedding photographer? If so, please, do get in touch ! 🙂 Finland’s beauty completely blew me away! There is something so special about being surrounded by all that nature!

If you were best friends with reindeer farmers, where would you have your 57th wedding anniversary photos done? On a reindeer farm, of course!
This couple spoke very little English, while I speak no Finnish. But they did manage to communicate that even after 57 years of marriage they are still very happy together! And it was clear in the way they looked at each other and laughed together!
Despite the difficulties in understanding each other, trudging through knee-deep snow, dodging reindeer poop and dealing with some rather grumpy reindeer, it was such a lovely and sweet session with this adorable couple! 😍
May all our marriages endure the test of time like theirs!

Special thank you to the reindeer farm Valkean Peuran Valtakunta, which I highly recommend visiting, if you are ever in Lapland!

Plane flying over snowy Finland at sunset

If you would like to get married in a cold snowy place with northern lights dancing above you, then Finnish Lapland is the perfect place for you!

I would love to be your Finland wedding photographer! So whether you are planning a wedding or elopement in Finland or anywhere else, please do get in touch!


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[…] Or check out this amazing Lapland Wedding Session. […]

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