Before coming here, I heard that going to La Graciosa is like leaving the world behind. And it really is! Time moves differently here, more slowly and gently. As there are only a few motorised vehicles that have licenes to drive around the island, the streets are paved with sand, and every local greeted us, no matter where we passed them. It felt like the time has forgotten this island. Therefore if you are looking for a small, off-the-beaten-track place for elopement where bare feet and sand in your shoes are a necessity, then La Graciosa is for you!

In November 2019, I had a chance to go to the amazing Wolves workshop with a bunch of other amazing and incredible photographers who share my passion and with whom I could talk “shop”. It was one of the best experiences of my life and a time I will never forget!

Of course, we shared loves stories and we also photographed them!

Arriving in La Graciosa on a boat
And the sea stacks we passed on the boat
Seeing La Graciosa harbour for the first time
Sandy roads of La Graciosa
And it's pretty white houses
Caleta del Sebo is the main town on La Graciosa set around a pretty bay and overlooking Lanzarote

Caleta del Sebo

We first photographed Natalie and Jose while we were walking through La Graciosa’s main town, Caleta del Sebo at sunset. And we walked around looking for light with beers in our hands and photographing these two lovely souls. So life was perfect!

La Graciosa elopement started off with some photos in Caleta del Sebo
Elopement in La Graciosa, Caleta del Sebo
White walls, sand roads and cactus pretty much some up La Graciosa
Elopement in La Graciosa, Caleta del Sebo
Elopement in La Graciosa
Elopement in La Graciosa, Caleta del Sebo with Lanzarote cliffs in the background
Lanzarote is just a stone's throw away, yet La Graciosa feels like a world away from civilisation.
Elopement in La Graciosa, Canary Islands
Elopement in La Graciosa, Spain
Elopement in La Graciosa, Caleta del Sebo
Caleta del Sebo - the biggest town on La Graciosa
Elopement in La Graciosa, Caleta del Sebo
Elopement in La Graciosa, Canary Islands
With sunset coming closer we walked out of the town
Natalie and Jose with the sun setting behind the peaks
La Gaciosa's scenery is the perfect backdrop for photos
Elopement in La Graciosa
Caleta del Sebo and cliffs of the nearby Lanzarote at sunset
La Graciosa's volcanic peaks at sunset
Some sunset portraits for this elopement in La Graciosa
Natalie's portrait
Natalie and Jose in the beautiful La Graciosa landscape
Elopement in La Graciosa
Elopement in La Graciosa, Caleta del Sebo
It was getting dark
Caleta del Sebo in the after sunset glow
A car went past us while we were photographing
Emotion and feeling is what draws me to photos most.
Elopement in La Graciosa
After the sun went down, we still kept photographing.
Elopement in La Graciosa after sunset

The next day we boarded a boat, had lots of mojitos and a delicious paella before setting off to a remote beach for more photos.

If you are looking for a location for your elopement or destination wedding, elopement in La Graciosa is something truly special and unique!

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