I photographed Heikki and Marcela's wedding back in August. Whilst most couples book me a year or two in advance, they booked me 5 days before their wedding! Luckily, I was free that day! I cannot emphasise enough just how much I enjoy meeting, getting to know and photographing couples. To me, that is just the best!
And I especially love getting to know people from all over the world. Heikki is from Finland and Marcela is from Peru, so we spent a large portion of our first meeting just chatting about the places that they are from. Especially, since I already had a trip to Finland organised for this winter. And Peru is a place that is very high on my bucket list!
Their wedding itself was very small and intimate, with just 4 guests, which made it very chill and relaxed. 
When I heard from them a couple of months later that they wanted to do a Halloween Themed photo shoot with me, I was so excited! It was really great meeting them again and this photoshoot was so much fun! We started it in a plantation nearby my house as it provides a moody and spooky scenery and ended it in my garden, where my husband helped with lighting the smoke bombs and putting them in pumpkins. 
I will definitely want to do something like this every year, so if you are up for it, then I am up for it!

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