A couple of weeks before their wedding, we went out with Natalie and Ollie for a sunset hike at the Sound, which is located in the very south of the Isle of Man. This was one of my most favourite photo sessions of all time! Everything was perfect: the light, the scenery and the couple!
We enjoyed a nice walk in this slice of heaven we call the Isle of Man, had lots of fun, took so many photos and even had a glass of bubbly, watched seals play underneath the cliffs we were standing on and a rare sunset! It couldn’t have been better! 
It never ceases to amaze me at the trust that couples put in me! I will never take that trust for granted and I will always try my absolute best to deserve it!

By the time that Natalie and Ollie’s wedding came, they had already become friends of mine. There is something truly special about them both, something that made me instantly connect with them. The day before their wedding, Natalie wrote to me saying that I will be one of their most important guests, which especially considering I met them for the first time about 3 months beforehand, blew me away!

Just like their pre-wedding session, their wedding day was clear and sunny, for the most part anyway. As is the custom here, they got ready separately and didn’t see each other until Natalie walked down the isle. I always like seeing grooms who are nervously waiting for their bride, as that time and the moment they see their wife to be is when the best and truest emotions appear.

Their wedding was at Douglas Registry Office. For the ceremony they had written their own vows, which is the best thing to do! That is when you can make your own promises to each other, rather than those that had been written by the government or the church (or any other institution), which makes the ceremony that little bit more uniquely yours.

After the ceremony we went on a vintage bus to “The Terminus Tavern” for a much needed drink before boarding Electric Tram headed to Laxey. One of my favourite parts about the Isle of Man is the coastline! And whilst hiking is the best way to see it, the Electric Tram is pretty stunning and unique.

Once in Laxey, the celebration could properly start at the first reception venue “The Mines” pub, which was cosy and lovely, even during the brief rain shower. Once the sun came back out and the live music started to play, and adults had had a few alcoholic drinks, that dancing and partying could start in earnest! And what a blast it was!

A couple of hours later, we were heading to the bus again! This time to go to see the world’s largest working waterwheel – Lady Isabella or Great Laxey Wheel. For most guests this was their first time on the Isle of Man, most of them having come here from Lancashire, so Natalie and Ollie wanted them to see a little bit of the island. And the Laxey Wheel is a very unique place (not that the island lacks in unusual places).

After a bit of exploration at the Lady Isabella, we went to soak up some sun at Laxey Beach, which is one the island’s loveliest beaches. Then it was time to head back to Douglas, where the celebrations culminated at Douglas Yacht Club with food, DJ and a gorgeous cake made by Taylor Made Cakes.

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