Ludka and Tim's wedding
They are such a lovely couple and such nice people. I photographed them before their wedding on Peel Beach.
Their wedding was  at Peel Comissioners. With family photos afterwards on Peel promenade. It was a lovely warm August day and probably the most relaxed wedding I have photographed.
I love, love, love photographing the couple after the wedding ceremony. It is so special. All those pre-wedding nerves are gone and the couple are able to just relax and have fun. 
And if the bride has prepared sneakers so that we could go for a walk through grass, up embankments and through plantations, I get very excited!
Cringle Reservoir is one of my most favorite places on the Isle of Man for photos, it is so beautiful there! And I love the diversity of images that can be taken in a fairly small area. For a different look, we climbed over an embankment and into a plantation. Here, the trees, the light and the sun that shone through those trees, all created the look and feel of a nature's cathedral. It was so magnificent!
Lastly, we went to Colby train station for some final photos. As the couple lived in Colby, they wanted a sign of it in their wedding photos. As well as some photos of them in the field behind the train station. I am always more than happy to oblige.

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