Iceland is absolutely one of the most amazing places for an elopement! It is rugged, wild and completely breathtaking! Even if you just go there on holiday, it is an experience you will never forget. But, eloping in Iceland takes that experience to a whole new level!

Sara and Rasmus live in Sweden’s Bohulslan area, which is coincidentally the only place in Sweden I have ever visited! It’s a beautiful area with rugged coastline and even a few moose roaming around. However, their adventurous spirit took them to the wilds of Iceland. They braced the cold and the wind of an Icelandic September to say their vows to each other. It was an epic elopement in an epic location!

We headed out before twilight and drove west of Reykjavik to Djúpalónssandur beach in Snæfellsjökull National Park. As we got there, we were greeted by an amazing sunrise! Surrounded by these craggy black cliffs with the black sand beach in front of us and the snow covered Snæfell mountain behind us, we soaked in the view. It was a surreal experience! Not just for Sara and Rasmus, but also for me too!

Djúpalónssandur is somewhere I have been before. I came here with my husband and daughter 8 years ago in the middle of winter. And at the time I thought, how incredible would it be to photograph an elopement here! That was before elopements even became trendy!

After enjoying the sunrise on the cliffs, we then headed down to the black sand beach below. The sun disappeared at this point, but it is Iceland after all! We were lucky it didn’t start raining! So we wandered around the beach, played in the sand and chased the waves, and nearly got soaked by them. It’s important to have fun on an elopement, because this day is about you and you only. They had no family and friends here with them, so there were no expectations and no need to please anyone. It was all about Sara and Rasmus and who they are as individuals and a couple.

We continued our roadtrip through Snæfellsnes Peninsula by going to see Búðakirkja, which is a very famous black church that features in many Instagram photographs. On the way we stopped to pet some Icelandic ponies and enjoy every breathtaking view and moment that we possibly could!

Towards the end of the day, we headed up higher into the mountains, where Sara and Rasmus said their vows in front of a stunning backdrop. It was the perfect ending to a perfect elopement in Iceland! And one that will always hold a special place in my heart!

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